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Dentist Shares – How to Rehydrate Teeth After They’ve Been Whitened?
July 1, 2022

Your dentist in Clute, TX, can recommend various home and professional teeth whitening remedies to meet your teeth whitening goals. However, your teeth can…

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What Is the Least Damaging Technique to Whiten Your Teeth?
December 1, 2021

Everyone wants to display a brighter and whiter smile. For unknown reasons, people believe teeth whitening doesn’t require help from a dental professional, and…

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Recovery from Tooth Extraction: How Long Does It Take?
January 6, 2022

Having permanent teeth extracted is standard during adulthood. You may think your permanent teeth should remain with you for a lifetime. Unfortunately, many reasons…

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3 Little-Known Secrets to Reversing Periodontal Disease Naturally
December 1, 2022

What Is Periodontal Disease? It is an oral infection affecting the periodontium. The gums are the first soft tissues to suffer damage when you…

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