Can an Emergency Dentist Take the Tooth Out On the Weekend?

Can an Emergency Dentist Take the Tooth Out On the Weekend?

April 1, 2022

Emergency dentists seem like just the dental experts you need for convenient dental care. While they are not there simply to cater to your dental problems when you can make time, they are the right people to turn to for urgent dental care. Perhaps understanding what they do can help you appreciate their role in dentistry.

What Is Considered an Emergency for Teeth?

It is an urgent and often severe dental problem that necessitates immediate treatment. Without attending to the problem quickly, there is an increased risk of the problem progressing and worsening. The role of an emergency dentist is to offer speedy dental care to patients when they have pressing dental issues that cannot wait for a different time.

In that case, even though an emergency dentist is different from a weekend dentist near you, they can still offer you urgent dental care on a Saturday or Sunday. This way, you do not have to wait until a weekday before you can get treatment for your ailing tooth. Some of the dental issues you can consider dental emergencies that need urgent treatment are:

  1. Severe dental pain – the most common type is toothache. Other dental pains could affect your jawbone or gums.
  2. Bleeding gums – you should flag prolonged bleeding in the mouth as an alarming dental problem needing urgent medication.
  3. Knocked-out tooth – whether the tooth completely falls off or remains partially dislodged.
  4. Fractured jawbone, dislocated jaw, and broken teeth – your emergency dentist may refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for further treatment of your face and mouth.
  5. Open deep wounds – cuts and lacerations inside your mouth or on your lips and cheeks need immediate medical care.
  6. A foreign object between teeth – other than severe pain, the object may cause bleeding and swelling that makes it impossible for your mouth to function as it should.
  7. A swollen and painful throat – can cause other health problems like difficulty breathing. Such could result from allergic reactions to food, tonsillitis, or other infections in the throat.
  8. Abscess tooth – features a pocket full of pus that forms in the roots of teeth, accumulating on the gums. It causes significant pain in the gums and jawbone. If untreated, it may spread the infection to other parts of the mouth.

What Can You Do About a Toothache on The Weekend?

The thing about dental emergencies is that they do not alert you when they are about to happen. If anything, the very point of it being an emergency is that you did not plan for or anticipate it. It means that in the middle of a busy workday, you could have a dental emergency that needs urgent care. The same could be the case when you experience a severe toothache on a chilled Sunday afternoon. Since dental emergencies are often inconvenient, you should employ various strategies to help you manage your toothache even on a weekend. Some tips include:

  1. Contact a dental expert – it helps to have an emergency contact of a dentist in Clute who can help you find ways to manage your toothache at home before you get to a dental ER near you. A toothache on a weekend can make you appreciate the relevance of having a family dentist.
  2. Over-the-counter pain medication – although they will not permanently treat your pain, they will make it bearable before you receive any other treatment.
  3. Find and preserve the missing tooth – if you have a knocked-out tooth, locating it increases the chances of restoration at UR Smile Dental Group. Keep the tooth clean and moisturized, preferably in milk, as you make haste to a dental ER near you.
  4. Cold compression – an ice pack on the side of your cheeks will alleviate any pain and swelling, which will improve your comfort levels before you get treatment.
  5. Control the bleeding in your mouth – avoid doing anything that may aggravate the bleeding further. Instead, use a cotton cloth or gauze to cover the bleeding spot in your mouth, controlling the bleeding.
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