Can Sinus Pressure Really Hurt Your Teeth?

Can Sinus Pressure Really Hurt Your Teeth?

November 1, 2022

At least 10% of all adults experience sinus infections. Sinuses are four pairs of air-filled cavities located within the facial bones, forehead, behind the cheekbones and around the eyes. These cavities play a vital role in filtering, moistening and warming up the air within the nasal cavity.

The sinuses produce mucus to clean the nasal cavity; however, a sinus infection can develop when they become clogged up by the fluid. But can this fluid buildup and sinus pressure cause a toothache?

Let’s first take a look at what sinus pressure is all about.

What Is Sinus Pressure?

The sinuses are air-filled passages that clean, humidify and moisten the air you breathe in through your nasal cavity. The sinuses produce mucus to help trap foreign particles, dirt and even bacteria; normally, this mucus drains into the nasal cavity.

When the nasal passage becomes inflamed or irritated, the mucus fails to drain as it normally should. This means the fluid will build up, resulting in pain, inflammation and pressure within the sinuses. This inflammation and pressure are felt on the nerve endings located around your sinuses and often manifests itself in the form of a dull or throbbing ache.

Mucus buildup resulting in sinus pressure can be brought about by a sinus infection, interaction with environmental allergens and colds.

How Can Sinus Pressure Affect Your Teeth?

You might be wondering how sinus pressure can land you at our dental clinic in Clute. Well, it can, and this is because sinus pressure can cause a toothache.

The largest pair of sinuses are located right above the back teeth of your upper jaw. This consequently means that the roots of these upper back teeth and jawbone are very close to the sinus or may even grow into the sinus cavity.

If the sinus located near your upper back teeth is inflamed and has a pressure buildup, it will cause some form of toothache or pain. The pressure within the sinuses will be felt on the nerve endings around it; this means you might experience a throbbing toothache if the sinuses above the upper back teeth are inflamed or infected.

Our dentist near you can help pinpoint whether the toothache you are experiencing is due to sinus pressure or another underlying dental issue.

Sinus Pressure and Your Oral Health

Sinus pressure and congestion can result in jaw pain and toothaches on your upper back teeth. Sinus tooth pain, unlike regular tooth pain, will affect several upper molars at one go instead of only one tooth, as is the normal case. In other instances, the pain and discomfort may also be felt on your lower teeth.

This pressure buildup will affect your teeth and gums, resulting in some serious pain and discomfort.

A toothache that occurs due to dental health issues can be traced to a particular tooth; the pain is usually more localized and intense. However, a toothache resulting from sinus pressure will generally spread out among the upper molars and intensify whenever you make certain movements.

In addition to this, an abscess or tooth infection can also cause a sinus infection. In fact, it has been found that periodontal disease can also lead to the development of sinus infections.

Sinus infections can cause recurrent and persistent toothaches, affecting your oral health and overall health and well-being. Your sinus infection may also be a result of a current dental health issue you have, so either way, it is important to see a dentist to rule out the cause of either sinus infection or a sinus-related toothache.

If you are experiencing sinus-related toothaches, you will have to seek medical assistance to relieve sinus pressure and restore your oral health.

Why See a Dentist If You Have Sinus Pressure?

Sinus infections that can cause sinus pressure can occur as a result of a current dental issue you are having, such as an abscess or periodontal disease. You will have to see our dentist near you to resolve the oral health issue causing the sinus infection.

On the other hand, if you are experiencing a toothache that affects your upper molars and jaw bone, you will have to see our dentist to rule out whether this toothache results from a sinus infection or any other underlying dental issue.

It is advisable to see a dentist if you suspect that a sinus infection could be causing your toothache or if you suspect a dental issue could be bringing about the sinus pressure you are experiencing.

Contact us today at UR Smile Dental Group if you are looking for ways to relieve sinus pressure and restore your oral health.

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