Dentures Make My Upper Lip Stick Out: Facial Dynamics and Solutions

Dentures Make My Upper Lip Stick Out: Facial Dynamics and Solutions

February 1, 2024

Imagine finally getting dentures to restore your smile and confidence, only to face an unexpected dilemma – your upper lip sticking out more prominently than before. Upper lip protrusion caused by dentures can be a frustrating and confidence-dampening experience. However, fear not. This blog shares the issue and provide insights on why dentures make your upper lipstick out, coping strategies to enhance comfort, and effective methods to resolve upper lip protrusion caused by dentures.

Understanding Dentures and Upper Lip Protrusion:

Dentures, commonly known as synthetic teeth, are removable dental appliances crafted to replace absent teeth and the nearby soft tissues. They mimic the appearance of real teeth and are tailored to the distinct contours of each person’s gums and jawline. Dentures are vital in reinstating oral function, upholding the structure of facial muscles, and improving overall smile aesthetics.

Why Do Dentures Make the Upper Lip Stick Out?

Before we explore the various ways to address this issue, it’s essential to understand why dentures may cause the upper lip to stick out. The primary reason is the loss of natural teeth and their roots. Teeth roots provide support to the upper lip, maintaining its natural position and contour. When teeth are missing and replaced by dentures, this support is compromised, leading to an altered appearance of the upper lip.

Coping with Denture-Related Upper Lip Protrusion:

Although upper lip protrusion caused by dentures can initially be disconcerting, there are ways to adapt and cope with this change.

Adapting to Dentures:

  1. Give it time: As with any change, allowing yourself time to adapt is vital. Dentures may feel unfamiliar initially, and the upper lip protrusion may appear more noticeable during this transition period. Give yourself time to get used to the new sensations and appearance.
  2. Practice speaking: Speaking with dentures requires some practice. Take the opportunity to read aloud or engage in conversations to fine-tune your speech. Gradually, you will regain your confidence and notice a decrease in lip protrusion.

Maintaining Proper Denture Fit:

  1. Regular dental check-ups: Arrange frequent dental appointments to verify that your dentures fit correctly. Dentures that don’t fit well can lead to discomfort and changes in facial appearance, including lip protrusion. In these sessions, your dentist will examine the fit and make necessary modifications to boost both your comfort and the visual appeal of the dentures.
  2. Denture adhesives: If your dentures are loose and causing your upper lip to stick out, consult with your dentist about denture adhesives. These adhesives can provide additional support and help maintain a more natural lip position.

Resolving Upper Lip Protrusion Caused by Dentures:

If coping strategies and adjustments to denture fit do not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance for dentures in Clute to address upper lip protrusion. Consider the following options:

Consultation with a Denturist:

  1. Expert evaluation: Schedule a consultation with a denturist who specializes in denture fabrication and fitting. They can evaluate your individual circumstances and provide tailored advice considering your facial architecture, the shape of your lips, and how your dentures fit.
  2. Explore treatment options: Dentists in Clute, TX, at UR Smile Dental of Clute, are skilled at identifying the root cause of upper lip protrusion and proposing suitable treatment options. They may recommend denture adjustments, partial dentures, or even alternative treatments such as dental implants or orthodontic procedures to align the upper lip properly.

Denture Adjustments or Replacement:

  1. Denture relining: In some cases, a denture reline may help improve the fit and reduce upper lip protrusion. Your denturist can modify the inner surface of the denture to enhance its stability and fit more snugly against your gums.
  2. Denture replacement: If your dentures are old or poorly constructed, they may not adequately support your upper lip. Getting new, properly fitting dentures can help alleviate the issue.

Alternative Treatments:

  1. Dental implants: Dental implants are a favored substitute for dentures, offering a robust base and resembling real teeth. Speak with your dentist to ascertain if dental implants are a viable remedy for managing upper lip protrusion resulting from dentures.
  2. Orthodontic procedures: In some cases, orthodontic procedures such as braces or clear aligners may help align the teeth and consequently reduce upper lip protrusion. Consult with an orthodontist to explore this option.

Tips for Enhancing Comfort and Appearance with Dentures:

While addressing upper lip protrusion caused by dentures, there are several additional tips to enhance comfort and appearance:

  1. Proper hygiene: Maintain good oral hygiene practices to keep your dentures in optimal condition.
  2. Avoid sticky foods: Sticky or hard foods can dislodge dentures or cause discomfort.
  3. Regular cleaning: Regularly clean your dentures using specially designed denture cleaners or mild soap and water.
  4. Moisturize your lips: Dentures can sometimes cause dry lips. Apply lip balm or moisturizer to keep your lips hydrated.


Upper lip protrusion caused by dentures can be a challenging issue to navigate, impacting both your appearance and self-confidence. However, with patience, expert guidance, and the willingness to explore appropriate treatments, you can regain a natural lip position and smile with confidence. Remember, adapting to dentures takes time, and discomfort or lip protrusion can often be resolved through adjustments or alternative treatments. Reach out to a denturist or dental specialist to explore the best options for your specific situation. Embrace the journey towards a comfortable and confident smile, enjoying life to the fullest with your dentures.

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