Dental Fillings in Clute, TX

Dental Fillings in Clute, TX

Has a dentist ever identified a cavity in one of your teeth? If so, you probably received treatment with a dental filling. Dental fillings in Clute, TX are essential to restore health to a tooth and provide it with protection once a cavity has formed. Our professional staff at UR Smile Dental of Clute is committed to helping you achieve and maintain oral health, including providing dental fillings when necessary.

Risk Factors for Developing Cavities

Everyone’s teeth are at risk for tooth decay, though not everyone develops cavities in their teeth. A cavity develops when bacteria erode the surface of a tooth, called the enamel, and a small hole is formed. Unless a cavity is identified and treated with a filling, the tooth decay will spread to other healthy areas of the tooth and mouth.

Though fillings can restore teeth with cavities to health, it’s best to avoid cavities in the first place by understanding the risk factors associated with developing them. Inadequate oral hygiene poses a significant risk in terms of cavities. Patients with poor brushing and flossing habits are far more likely to develop tooth decay. In addition, skipping or postponing regular visits for dental exams and cleanings adds to a patient’s risk of developing cavities. A diet high in sugar is another risk factor in terms of tooth decay.

Why Fillings Are Important

Dental fillings are an essential procedure and treatment for restoring a tooth with a cavity back to health and protecting the tooth from further decay. During the filling process, our dentists near you will remove the decayed portion of the tooth. The remaining part of the tooth is then vulnerable, so a filling is required to protect it. Tooth decay doesn’t resolve on its own, meaning that the situation will continue to worsen unless the tooth is restored to health.

At UR Smile Dental of Clute, our dentists in Clute, TX offer dental fillings near you so that you can regain your oral health and wellness after a cavity has formed. We also encourage our patients to practice excellent daily oral hygiene habits. For more information about fillings, contact our office.

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