Emergency Dentistry in Clute, TX

Emergency Dentistry in Clute, TX

Dental emergencies are often stressful, painful, and may pose a risk to health and life if not addressed immediately. If you experience acute discomfort and are confused about what to do in the situation, please call our emergency dentists near you for urgent assistance.

Not all problems qualify as dental emergencies; broken fillings, lost crowns, and moderate toothache can be treated during routine office hours. Dealing with any dental problem starts with seeking reliable and timely emergency dentistry in Clute, TX.

Tooth Pain

An acute, severe or throbbing toothache may require urgent dental care at UR Smile Dental of Clute. The problem may be caused by deep, untreated decay, gum disease or trauma to the tooth nerves. A pus-filled abscess may also cause excruciating pain, and we may need to drain it before administering antibiotics.

Jaw Pain

If your jaw bone hurts when you open and close it, yawn, chew or laugh, it may be due to misaligned, weak jaw muscles or TMJ problems. Inflammation in the salivary glands may also cause pain in the jaw region. Severe jaw pain accompanied by difficulty in swallowing and fever should be treated immediately.

Broken, Fractured, or Dislodged Tooth

A sudden accident, slip or blow may cause the tooth to crack or fracture. Depending on the location, nature and extent of the crack, our reliable dentists in Clute, TX may bond the tooth or perform an emergency extraction. Ignoring a cracked tooth may result in root canal infection as oral bacteria may enter through the fissure. We will first x-ray the tooth before determining the most suitable emergency treatment near you.

If the tooth is knocked out, one of our skilled dentists will first desensitize the site, reposition the tooth and splint it to the neighboring tooth.

Bleeding or Pus in the Gum Tissue

Advanced gum disease, known as ‘periodontitis,’ may cause the gums to bleed due to acute inflammation. Untreated gum disease is known to increase the risks of systemic health conditions like stroke and heart disease and can cause your teeth to fall out. Regular exams and cleanings at UR Smile Dental of Clute can prevent potential problems from going undetected.

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