Endodontics in Clute, TX

A simple root canal treatment may not always be enough to treat an inflamed tooth. Our dentist near you provides the highest standards of endodontic care supported by the latest technology in the field.

Types of Endodontic Treatments

In Clute, TX, endodontics is associated with minimal discomfort, relieves pain, eases discomfort, and eliminates sensitivity. An endodontist treats problems in the tooth roots and soft portions of the tooth.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Root Canals

A root canal treatment involves numbing the nerves, removing decayed material, disinfecting the root canal, and re-sealing the tooth. Adult teeth do not need the pulp (nerves and blood vessels) to survive.

Surgical root canal therapy may be needed when sensitivity, pain, inflammation, or infection persist. Once you consult our experienced dentist in Clute, TX, they will determine the need for a surgical root canal, depending on the severity of symptoms and the tooth’s structure. We diagnose the problem using advanced technology like high-clarity x-rays and 3D scanners. Successful root canal therapy helps preserve your tooth and helps you maintain your natural smile.

Surgical root canals are an option to identify fractures in the bone or hidden canals that may not be visible during visual exams. Both surgical and non-surgical root canal treatments at UR Smile Dental of Clute have one objective: To preserve the natural tooth and save it from further damage. We may need to restructure the tooth after surgical root canal therapy in some cases.

What Is Root Canal Re-Treatment?

In some cases, a tooth may develop decay or pain after a root canal treatment. This may occur due to too much of a gap between root canal treatment and crown placement, a cracked or poorly fitted crown, or other problems in the tooth.

Benefits of Endodontics

Problems that affect tooth pulp and roots and pulp should be diagnosed and treated at the earliest to prevent abscesses or further infection.

UR Smile Dental of Clute uses the latest technology and adheres to the strictest sterilization techniques. Please feel free to contact our dentist for reliable endodontics near you.

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