Gum Disease Treatment in Clute, TX

Gum Disease Treatment in Clute, TX

Caring for your gums is as essential as caring for your teeth as they support teeth and hold them in place. Thousands of Americans suffer from different forms of periodontal disease. However, not every patient requires surgical intervention. When identified during the initial stages, gum disease can be effectively treated with non-surgical therapy.

Our reliable dentist near you offers a number of non-surgical treatment options at UR Smile Dental of Clute, including root scaling and planing, deep cleaning, and antibiotic treatments.

What Causes Gum Disease?

When bacteria feed on food sugars, it causes a transparent, sticky film known as ‘plaque’ to form over teeth. If left untreated, plaque can rapidly harden into tartar and calculus and spread in the gums. The oral bacteria attack the soft gingival tissue and the bone, causing the tooth to come loose from its socket.

Other reasons could include family history and poor oral hygiene. Regular dental exams, diligent daily hygiene, and professional cleaning can keep your oral cavity free of gum disease.

Please contact our trained dentist in Clute, TX, Dr. H. Bronson Bassir, for effective gum disease treatment near you.

Types of Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment in Clute, TX

UR Smile Dental of Clute offers the following gum disease therapies near you:

Scaling and Planing: We administer a small amount of local sedation to keep you relaxed and scale away tartar from below the gum line near the tooth roots. Planing involves re-attaching the gum tissue to the tooth roots.

Antibiotic Treatment: We may place topical antibiotics or gels inside gum pockets to promote healing. Antibiotic treatments may also be used in conjunction with scaling and root planing.

Benefits of Gum Disease Treatments Near You

Periodontal therapy techniques can play a crucial role in improving your oral health.

  • Treatments are usually non-invasive, especially during the early stages.
  • The procedure is relatively quick and involves minimal discomfort.
  • Treatment may involve only local anesthesia.
  • The recovery time is relatively short, thanks to laser technology.

If you are looking to get periodontal disease treatment, please contact our experienced dentist, Dr. H. Bronson Bassir, for an appointment.

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