Where to Get Dentures: a Comprehensive Guide

Where to Get Dentures: a Comprehensive Guide

January 11, 2023

Americans over 50 lose 12 teeth and start searching for replacements offered by many dentists with different solutions. However, if you want a time-tested option for replacing missing teeth, dentures are still around, having served people for over 150 years.

Dentures are artificial teeth attached to an appliance resembling a removable retainer. You can decide on dentures if you miss some or all your natural teeth. Although you must get acclimatized to wearing dentures by enduring a period of adjustment, the artificial teeth will function like your natural teeth feeling more comfortable with time.

If you are considering dentures for your missing teeth, you will undoubtedly have questions about these appliances, their comfort, caring for them, et cetera that you would want to know about before investing in dental prosthetics. We have compiled the information you seek to help you get your artificial teeth comfortably and conveniently from the dentist in Clute, TX.

When to Get Dentures?

The answer to your question seems apparent, doesn’t it? Investing in dentures when having all your teeth doesn’t make sense because dentures are not decorative appliances or electronic gadgets that you can use at home for purposes other than eating. Therefore you can consider getting dentures if you have lost teeth due to natural reasons like aging, gum disease, injuries, and extractions. The lack of teeth in your mouth makes you vulnerable to the consequences of tooth loss affecting your eating, appearance, and speech-making replacements essential to restore your mouth functionality. You can consider getting dentures only after the Clute dentist confirms your mouth has recovered sufficiently to receive the artificial prosthetic.

Who Can Provide Dentures?

Dentures are dental appliances custom created to fit your unique needs. While you might think any dental professional can provide dentures, the reality is different because denture providers are specialists who know how to create dental appliances using different materials as patients desire. These specialists are called prosthodontists, and if you approach the Clute dentist for tooth replacement solutions with dentures, you will likely receive a referral to dentures in Clute, TX, where the specialist takes impressions of your mouth and remaining teeth (if any) to make a mold and design your preferred dental appliance before you can receive them for placement in your mouth. Therefore while you can seek advice from the Clute dentist on where to get dentures, you must prepare yourself to deal with a specialist for the artificial teeth you need to replace your natural teeth.

What Types of Dentures Are There?

Different types of dentures are available to suit every requirement you might encounter. You can consider one among the following after you discuss your needs with the provider.

  • Traditional Dentures: conventional dentures are available for placement soon after healing from tooth extraction or injuries to your mouth, and the process for receiving them might require several months.
  • Immediate Dentures: dentistry advances currently make immediate dentures available if you have all your teeth extracted and don’t want to display a toothless grin. You don’t have to wait to heal from the extraction or injury because you can receive immediate dentures soon after the dentist completes the removal. However, you must understand changes in your jawbone start occurring to change shape as your mouth recovers. Therefore you might have to visit the prosthodontist for adjustments frequently with these prosthetics.
  • Over Dentures: over dentures are appliances fitting over any natural teeth remaining in the mouth preserved by the dentist. Overdentures help prevent jawbone deterioration by supporting your teeth adequately.
  • Digital Dentures: Digital dentures enable you to receive better-fitting dental appliances and increase their durability while reducing costs. Digital dentures also need less turnaround time, making it convenient for you to receive the devices faster from the provider.
  • Partial Dentures: your unique dental situation determines whether you can have complete dentures in your mouth or satisfy your needs using partial dentures to replace a couple of missing or extracted teeth. Partial dentures also resemble your natural teeth because they are created from materials that appear and function like your natural teeth while remaining removable appliances in your mouth.

Caring For Your Dentures

Dentures need similar care to your natural teeth, including brushing the appliances to remove dental plaque accumulating on them. The consequences of not cleaning your dentures appropriately can result in oral thrush, inflammation, lousy breath, and jawbone deterioration. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush with a denture cleanser or mild soap for the cleaning and store the appliance in a denture container with cleansing tablets overnight. You must brush your dentures in the morning before placing them in your mouth for the day.

Missing teeth is a common problem among many people, including teenagers and adults. However, if you cannot receive permanent solutions to replace your missing teeth with bridges or implants, dentures from UR Smile Dental Group can help you restore your mouth functionality and aesthetics. Consult the practice today to start your journey to replace missing teeth with dentures and avoid showing off a toothless grin.

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