Why You Should Opt for Orthodontics

Why You Should Opt for Orthodontics

March 1, 2022

Some people are lucky enough to have straight aligned teeth, while actually aren’t. Orthodontics dental treatment focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and correcting bad bites or any dental irregularities.

The treatment is also used to correct jaw and facial irregularities. Jaw arches and teeth misalignment does affect not only your bite but also your speech and chewing. Visit UR Smile Dental Group offices near you for quality orthodontic treatment.

Learn More About Orthodontic Dentistry

Orthodontic treatment is used to straighten and move your teeth into a better position. The treatment does not only improves teeth appearance but also makes it easier to brush and floss.

Both children and adults can have the treatment. However, in children, it is important for them to wait until they have grown more teeth. The appliances used in orthodontics can either be fixed or removable. Our orthodontics specialist in Clute, TX, will choose what best suits your needs. The devices will work by retraining muscles and slowly moving the teeth by placing gentle pressure on them and the jaws.

Fixed Appliances

These are the most commonly used appliances. They are usually used when precision is essential. One can eat while having the fixed braces but has to avoid chewy and sticky foods. Some of the fixed appliances used include:

They consist of wires, brackets, and bands. The bands are used as anchors while the brackets are connected to the forepart of the teeth. Wires are passed through the brackets and fixed on the bands.

Then, the wires are tightened, applying tension to the teeth to move them. Braces can either be clear or colored. Follow-up appointments are required to adjust the braces.

Fixed-space Maintainers
They are used when a child loses their baby tooth. Space maintainers are placed to hold the remaining teeth in place.

Removable Appliances

They include:

Invisalign Aligners
They are gaining more popularity than traditional braces. Aligners work the same as braces, but they are invisible and do not require the use of wires. They can be removed before eating, drinking, or flossing.

Removable Retainers
They are placed on the roof of the mouth. The retainers prevent the teeth from moving back to their former position.

Jaw Repositioning Appliance
Also known as splints, the appliance is used in treating TMJ disorders. It is placed on either the lower or upper jaws. They are used to train the jaws to close in a better position.

Removable Space Maintainers
The appliance is made of wire or plastic branches with an acrylic base that is fitted over the jaw. They are placed on gaps to prevent the teeth from shifting.

When Should You Consult an Orthodontics Dentist?

Anyone with concerns about their teeth’ position or appearance can visit an orthodontist. However, there are several reasons why one should visit a specialist. They include:

When You Start Experiencing Articulation Difficulties
Are you having difficulties articulating words when speaking or have a lisp? This could be because of teeth overbite or teeth gaps. Additionally, stuttering or slurring words could be caused by jaws or teeth restricting movement. An orthodontic specialist will help you align your teeth to improve your speech.

You are Experiencing Pain, Soreness in The Mouth, Gums or Teeth
When your mouth, teeth, and gums hurt, there is a reason. Teeth misalignment and underlying dental problems are common causes of dental pain. Schedule an appointment for a dental examination if you are experiencing soreness or pain in your mouth, gums, or teeth.

Have Sleep Apnea and Breathing Issues
Sleep apnea and breathing difficulties occur when your airways have been blocked. This usually happens if you have a narrow jaw. Narrow jaws prevent proper alignment of teeth and block your airway. Orthodontic dentistry is an effective treatment option for dealing with sleep apnea and breathing troubles.

Chewing Difficulties
Malocclusion may cause overbites, crossbites, underbites, and open bites. It prevents your teeth from aligning, causing chewing difficulties. If you are experiencing pain while chewing, visit our dentist in Clute, TX, for examination and treatment services.

Have Concerns About Your Dental Appearance
We lose our confidence when our teeth are crooked, uneven, or gapped. You deserve a smile that you can proudly show off to the universe. If you feel that your dental structure needs an improvement, schedule a consultation appointment with our dentist near you.

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